Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe Signs SB712 into Law

March 26, 2016 (Richmond, VA) - Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe signed SB into law today expanding remote supervision for dental hygienists.

Virginia Dental Hygienists’ Association (VDHA) and Virginia Dental Association (VDA) worked together for several months to expand remote supervision of Registered Dental Hygienists to new settings (health clinics, schools, nursing homes, etc.) to serve more patients.

A three-year pilot study of remote supervision of dental hygienists employed by the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) began in 2009 and proved to be a highly successful model in prevention and improving access to care. SB 712 expands the Remote Supervision Public Health Model for the dental hygienist employed outside of VDH. Expanding the model allows more patients access to care by the oral health team, including opportunity for important referrals to the supervising dentist.

There is an exciting opportunity to connect your community to a pilot program, Total Tooth Truth, that is being introduced by ADHA. This pilot program provides the opportunity for dental professionals to pass along their oral health care knowledge to 3rd-5th grade classrooms in and around their communities.

The program kicks off in five cities this year, including Chicago, Richmond, Detroit, Philadelphia and San Antonio. Thousands of 3rd-5th grade teachers in each of these cities will be invited via email and social media promotion to sign up for a free classroom visit by a local dental professional such as yourself.  Classroom visits will be scheduled from early February through early June.

Please pass this along to anyone you feel appropriate.

Here are a few links to get you familiar with the program:

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Winners of the Outstanding Member Award and Patricia A. Golliday Award of Dedication for the past 6 years are listed below.

Outstanding Member                                   Award of Dedication

2010-11   Pam Kitner                                        Sarah Hill

2011-12   Margaret Martin                               Julie Simms

2012-13   Patricia McDougall                           Bonnie Perry

2013-14   Meg Lemaster                                   Patricia McDougall

2014-15 Denise Claiborne                                Maureen “Moe” Thompson

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We are pleased to share Head Start’s new oral health form developed by the Office of Head Start National Center on Health. The Virginia Department of Health (VDH) and the Virginia Head Start Association (VHSA) are partnering to encourage dentists and hygienists to complete this form when providing dental exam services to children enrolled in Head Start or Early Head Start beginning January 1, 2015.

This form provides a dual-purpose, cost-efficient means for VDH and local Head Start programs to collect needed disease data. As approved by the Institutional Review Board, VDH will use information in the top two sections (Patient Information and Current Oral Health Status) to collect and analyze dental disease data on Virginia’s Head Start children. The form also provides local programs with the information necessary for the documentation of dental health services, according to Federal Performance Standards. Please make every effort to complete all fields of information.

Parents should have a copy of this form for the child’s required annual dental exam. If not, please use these links below to access the form, and give a copy to the parent to return to their local Head Start program staff.

Head Start Oral Health Form (Spanish): OralHealthForm_Spanish

Head Start Oral Health Form (English): OralHealthForm_English

If you have any questions on the use of the form, please contact:

Susan Pharr, RDH, MPH
Early Child Oral Health Coordinator, Dental Health Program
Virginia Department of Health